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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Internet, don't fail me now! is having a "secret sale" (is it really that much of a secret? The coupon code is: secretsale

It's 20% off! AAHHHH. Why must shoes cost money?

Anyway, despite sketchy internet connection (there's a windstorm tonight), I have been ogling some amazing shoes I have no business looking at. The discount applies even to sale items! The prices I've listed are without the 20% off. Here are some of my faves:

Jeffrey Campbell ZIP-004 - Black/Grey
. $306 ):

Max Studio United - Black
. Originally $290.00 reduced to $204.90

Jeffrey Campbell Miley - Black
. AH! Amazing mesh platform sandals! Originally $104 now $74.90

Pajar Bomba - Off White. Oh I have been loving these all-weather boots for at least a year now. Loves them. $154

Dolce Vita Wesley - Black. $124. I love me some Dolce Vita.

Oh, and this bag was "recommended to me" as I was looking at those Dolce Vita shoes:

Pietro Alessandro 2084. I love the foldover style. $198.

What's actually in my price range? Well, nothing. But the closest thing is probably these socks:

Hue Delicate Pointelle Sock - Blush. 2 bucks.


Andhari said...

That second, third and the studded ones? I'm sooooo in loooove. Get them all, dear. For serious.:D Droooooollll!

Steph said...

Love the campbell boots- boo on near unemployment!

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