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Monday, November 9, 2009

I finally found it!!

omg. I have been searching for this video for weeks, maybe a month, and I've finally found it. I first saw it while my dad was watching a football game and I happened to be in the same room. Football commercials are oftentimes pretty great. Here it is:

Am I the only one that thinks this is hilarious?

Oh and I just remembered this awesome commercial for Juicy Fruit. It's so scary and I love it!

And Peter just made me watch this Nutrigrain commercial:

Wow, commercials are great.


Anonymous said...

And it scares me so much!

Why? Why?! Why are they all so weird? Only that one guy ate the bar. I don't understand. It scares me.

Melissa said...

Where does my hunger go?

To Germany??


ScoMan said...

I did like the Snickers ad but I think the Juicy Fruit one was the best.

Sometimes commercials are better than the shows they're on during.

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