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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Recent happenings photolog.

Last night Peatar and I took a walk because it was windy and dark and rainy. We bundled up and brought our cameras. Here are a few pictures of it:

Looking down on I-5 & downtown

The RiteAid on Broadway

The lightshow or whatever it is on the hill

We took a trip to the grocery store on our way back. When we got home I decided to make molasses crinkles ("The best cooky from 1930-1935!") and chocolate chip cookies with Heath bar crumbles in them. They were delicious. At probably 11pm or so, Peter, Garrett and I decided to bring some cookies to welcome our new neighbors. One neighbor, Maria, was surprised but friendly. The other new neighbors' lights were off, so we just knocked on the door of the next apartment which lights were on. Daryl, was gruff and slightly socially scary, but I think he was appreciative. All in all it was exceedingly awkward and fun and we got to know some of the people that live in our building.


This morning I got up it was way too f-ing bright. Blindingly bright. So I took some pictures to contrast with last night's dark walk pictures:




Steph said...

You moved? Sheesh, I'm behind!

Anonymous said...

nice time! b

bard said...

Cool pictures!

Polygnome said...

steph - yeah! i moved at the beginning of october but didn't really blog about it.

b - (:

bard - thank you!

ScoMan said...

Great pics. Exciting that you've moved and meeting the new neighbours is important.

Justin said...

hmm, molasses crinkles... not sure i've heard of those before but they sound good to me

Polygnome said...

scoman - thank you! meeting the neighbors is such a fun thing to do. it makes me feel like i'm pretending to be an adult (:

justin - they are quite delicious. they're soft and chewy and the perfect mix of molasses-y and flavorful and not too sweet.

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