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Friday, October 16, 2009


today was my favorite color:



bard said...

Cool picture. I'm rather fond of gray myself (except in my hair).

Uh oh... am I starting a grey/gray controversy?

ScoMan said...

Grey weather is awesome.

The picture is great too.

Stephanie said...

how do you know when it's gray or grey? either way, i'm a fan of it.

Diana said...

i sort of wish my weather was like this all the time

PS-have you received my email a couple weeks ago? waiting for your reply :)

Sarahahaha said...

bard - haha, I like both spellings, I use them alternately. Greay maybe?

scoman - thanks (:

stephanie - isn't gray/grey greayt?

diana - yes! i did get it. i just replied. so sorry i haven't replied yet.

Tanya said...

I see my condo building form there. awesome!

ko0ty said...

I love it when the sky is gray too and when it rains.

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