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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm boring.

Jeremy and Mandi complained that I had not posted anything juicy lately. I haven't posted anything lately and I regret to say I have nothing juicy to post today.

I've had no motivation lately which hopefully will change soon. Thinking about moving into a different apartment which is exciting, scary and stressful. What else--had my birthday. It was Abraham Lincoln themed (because we share the same bday, Feb 12) and it was crazy fun [see fig. I]. And Archie the cat has fleas which we're trying to get rid of.

fig. I


ScoMan said...

Late happy b'day to you.

Hope you find some motivation soon.

「 Thy Lady 」 said...

Nice beard! *thumbs up!*
just wondering what happened to your giveaway? :S

Hope you find motivation also! *smile*

Melissa said...

Ahh, you and Abe share a B-day! Happy Late Birthday to you!!

Anonymous said...

love this picture of you two! if you ever want a hard copy, let me know.

Andhari said...

Abraham lincoln themed birthday party? SO FUN :) you look fabulous. Happy belated birthday!

Steph said...

Happy (late) Birthday!

Long time, no read :/

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