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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Romantic Ramblings ...

Things I like about the opposite sex:

1. Guys smell great. Not all guys, but the ones who do smell nice, oh how it weakens my knees. (Fun fact: Kenneth Cole Black and Acqua di Gio are probably my favorite man fragrances. I like to steal Kenneth Cole Reaction and use it myself because it has a really lovely light scent, despite being marketed for men)

2. I like when I go out to eat with a guy and he orders for me. Not without prior conference. I mean, I like to know what I want (unless it's a new place and I have no idea what I want) but I am old fashioned and I like it when the man orders.

3. I like being the damsel in distress, you might say. That sounds terrible, but it's how it is. Once I drank too much, ended up at a friends house and passed out after vomiting in the bathroom. The next day I was told that the guy I was seeing at the time was offering to hold my hair back and was really concerned about me and then when I was told to "go to bed" aka lay on the couch downstairs, I couldn't move. And some nice man picked me up and carried me there. Men being strong=turn on.

4. I like men who can fix things themselves. Remodeling houses, fixing cars, fixing even little things like leaky faucets and squeaky doors and sticky locks. All of those things I find quite respectable. I know my way around drills, fixing leaky shower heads, unclogging drains, but I know nothing of cars, and prefer to keep it that way.

5. Computer savviness. As if it were possible to make this post seem any more sexist than it already is, I love that men usually know more about computers than I do. I am a PC gal, and I'd say I have an average to slightly above average knowledge about my computer, but fluency in programming languages? Drool.

[disclaimer: I'm drinking Peroni (best beer ever) and so this may be complete rubbish]. I'm about to watch Overboard. So take this post with a grain of salt (:


Steph said...

I love Overboard & when a man orders for me... I could never get my ex to though :/ which may be why he's my ex!

Andhari said...

Those are classified as hot nice smelling strong gentlemen, aren't they? What a package! Big bonus if they can cook too :p

bard said...

I'm always looking for suggestions for cologne, but ultimately it is probably easier to wait until I'm seeing somebody and let her decide!

nina said...

I also love when a guy orders for me. It shows confidence. Ditto for picking out the restaurant. Also love Acqua di Gio.

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