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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

when i grow up, i wanna be famous, i wanna live in monticello, i wanna be in movies

Okay, the blog title is retarded, I admit. But insomniac lolita tagged me to post one picture that represents my personal interior design style. It's Monticello. The entire estate but especially the house, and especially the library.

If you hadn't realized yet, I am a huge nerd. The only thing I'd want different about the library (well besides the books in it) is to have one of those sliding ladders.

I'm tagging the following people to do the same (or even if I didn't tag you, it would be cool if you did it too). Post one picture that represents your personal interior design style!

scoman - i think a dude should do this too!
and suzanne

I am wondering why so few people are voting on this week's poll?! Are you shy? Are you ashamed? What's the deal? It's anonymous! It's okay to say! And even if you weren't, I'm not judging (: Vote, people!! This is obvs more important than the last US presidential election!

And as for my personal life ...

I went on an approximately 17 hour first date yesterday. It was interesting (: We'll see what happens.


ScoMan said...

Do I have a style?

I don't know. I guess I'll have to come up with something now though. The pressure is on.

And if you found someone you can tolerate being around for 17 hours straight, I envy you.

Gwen B. (aka skinny bitch) said...

I voted. I still have to do that post, she tagged me too. I love the pic you have. I def want a library. Something like that Beauty and the Beast shit would be awsome!

Melissa said...

Yes I want a library like that!!

Stephanie said...

Oh stuff! I still haven't gotten around to the blog award. This, however, I can do quickly.

Sarahahaha said...

scoman - Everyone has a style. Some are cooler than others, but I'm sure you've got a decent one (; The first seventeen hours with most people are the best. It's usually downhill after that.

gwen - It's a fun meme. I'm looking forward to checking yours out!

Melissa - Who doesn't??

Stephanie - Yeah, I liked this one because it was pretty easy and fun (: I still have to do the award you sent me a long time ago!

Anonymous said...

17 hours! That's a freaking marathon date! Wow. I would love one of those ladders but I want to set it up so that it will go around my whole house. think of the dance parties with that sucker!

Sarahahaha said...

Justplayingpretend - think of the liability of having dance parties with a sliding ladder. lol i envision many disasters. but it would still be pretty fun probably. lol

floreta said...

omg. i LOVE that there's a library!!!
i must be a nerd too!

Sarahahaha said...

floreta - (: being a nerd is cool these days, isn't it? maybe? haha

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